Our Brand

Inspired by my loving, caring, family and friends and my insatiable passion for an affordable luxury life, Anderton's Clothing & Apparel Company embodies the epitome of who I am as a designer, a web designer, an artist, and an individual.


Our independent brand of graphic tees, hoodies, and home accents are all designed with you, the free spirited fashion fan, in mind.  With our practical and charming designs in classically vintage styles, the clean lines, distinctive typography, meaningful symbols and inspirational words we use are intentionally intended to stir encouraging feelings of self confidence to proudly express your remarkable distinctive style.  When you wear our tee, our hoodie, or put our pillow on your couch, we want that tee, hoodie, and pillow to elevate and inspire you to always showing the world your best – your genuine authentic self.  After all, what we wear on our bodies and put in our homes are direct reflections of our individual lifestyles and distinct interests.


In life, as in our designs, there are two basic approaches: the Individualist and the Collectivist.


Sometimes you want to be the talk of the town, the lone wolf, the individual.  Our Individualist Styles are designed just for that! These styles are created to stand out and start conversations with their bold elements and different statements.


Then there are times where you want to be part of the crowd, connect, blend in with just a bit of your own flair.  Our Collectivist Styles are designed for these times. These styles are geared to connect individuals with the collective fashion world as a whole.


Whether you are feeling Individualist or Collectivist, all of our designs boast a curious concoction of trendy, bold, and unusual inspirational sayings and/or symbols with a vintage flair and retro look and feel. We only use unique graphic designs printed on fine fabrics that provide the most desirable comfort and the ultimate quality, all at a very affordable price.